Aniplex and Live2D Join Forces for Animated Feature


Anime and game studio Aniplex has announced that they will be collaborating with software company Live2D to created an animated feature film.


Live2D, which has been used to create everything from anime tie-in apps to face-rig technology for "virtual" YouTubers, offers creators the ability to create authentic 2D-style animation via simple layers. The technology is used in more than 300 trademarked titles in Japan and worldwide.


The aim of the collaboration is to stretch the abilities of Live2D, creating imagery the likes of which has never been created via the software. In order to achieve their end goal -- an animated feature -- the two companies are creating what they hope is a sustainable collaboration.



Both companies acknowledge that a full-length animated feature using Live2D technology may still be some time away. However, the collaboration will involve advances in video technology, as well as new animation and games along the way.


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Source: Anime! Anime!




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