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6 Anime Like Mitsuboshi Colors [Recommendations]

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Born as a manga in 2014 by the talented Katsuwo, Mitsuboshi Colors gained immediately …

Top 10 Manga Dandere Boys

The word “dandere” is the combination of two Japanese words. “Dan” comes from “danmari”, which means silent, or taciturn. “Dere dere”, as probably all of you know, is the onomatopoeia for being lovey dovey. Dandere characters may be confused with “kuudere” ones, but there’s a keen difference which is very important. While kuudere characters are cool (“kuu” come from “cool”) and, under the surface, they are actually very affectionate, dandere characters are simply quiet, or shy.


[Fujoshi Friday] Top 10 BL Mangaka

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As probably all of you know, “Boys’ Love” is the term used to categorize works which focus on male/male relationships, targeted for women. BL is an umbrella term which can refer to yaoi and sh…