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People Married to Inanimate Objects That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Waifu

Let’s say you have a waifu or husbando from a favorite show. Pretty much everyone does nowadays. But while other people say they love their waifu, you might really love your waifu. Like you may take it to the next level with body pillows, character shrines, trying to channel their spirit through seances, fighting people online who […]

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This Little Baby is a Rising Star in the Cosplay World

For most parents, nap time is a sacred event that grants a brief moment of peace. While a typical parent will just enjoy the simple quiet, photographer Laura Izumikawa risks it all to snap “napping cosplay” pics of her daughter. The gamble is totally worth it because Laura’s daughter rocks her adorable costumes. From anime to […]

Light Novel Author Visits Twitter HQ After Harem Cover is Banned

Mahiro Kisaragi is a light novel author fighting a unique enemy – Twitter! Kisaragi paid to promote a tweet for volume 2 of Yamato Isoko no Ketsudan (The Decision of Isoko Yamato), which is a military-themed harem featuring art by Cafe Neko. After receiving payment, Kisaragi was shocked that the tweet was banned for “advertising adult content […]

14 Anime Series That’ll Lead You to a Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday when couples get lost in each other’s eyes and get all sugary sweet. It’s a time to indulge in romance – or so we’ve been told. BUT NOT TODAY! Not everyone gets hit by Cupid’s arrow and others don’t need a corporate holiday as an excuse to shower their significant […]

‘Laid-Back Camp’ is Inspiring Anime Fans to Go Winter Camping

Laid-Back Camp (Yuru Camp) is an anime about high school girls visiting various campgrounds near Mt. Fuji during the winter. Apparently, the comfy depiction of camping is inspiring fans to take up the hobby! The YBS Wide News program aired a feature on Laid-Back Camp and how it’s boosting camping numbers this winter, which tends to be the slowest season […]

15 Sweet & Tender Romance Anime to Enjoy This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time to spend with your loved ones and enjoying tender romance anime! These cute anime are filled with steady dates, innocent interactions, and mellow stories that won’t fill you with stress. Sit back and enjoy these romances with your loved ones!   Tsuki ga Kirei Studio: feel. Episodes: 12 Quick pitch: Akane Mizuno and […]

19 Experimental Anime That Will Trip Up Your Mind

Anime can be more than action-fueled shounen series, sexy harems, and endless isekai fantasies. Sometimes, studios and creators are allowed to get experimental with their work, which can lead to really trippy works! Below are some of the more experimental and trippy anime around – you’ll find unique art styles, mindbending writing, and bizarre thematic […]

Cute Anime Girl Youtuber is Secretly a Middle-Aged Otaku Man

Japanese vloggers are no stranger to hiding their identities from fans. For years it was common to keep faces off-camera and to alter one’s voice. So it’s not surprising to see an increase of virtual Youtubers thanks to inexpensive motion-sensing software that can instantly convert body movement into an avatar. Most virtual Youtubers are cute anime […]

Tatsuki’s ‘Keifuku-san’ DVD Delayed Due to Massive Fan Support

TATSUKI became a household name after directing Kemono Friends. Some fans were worried about the future of TATSUKI’s career after Kadokawa removed him from Kemono Friends, but it looks like he’ll be just fine! 傾福さんDVD、予想を遥かに超えるご予約をいただきまして、大変恐縮ですが発売日を 2/19 とさせていただけるでしょうか、、、amazonさんにもアドバイスいただきこちらなら皆さんに隔てなくお届けできそうです。躊躇なく開始48時間でポチって下さった皆さんすみません、ちょっとだけお待ち下さい! — たつき/irodori (@irodori7) February 3, 2018 Shortly after releasing a promo video for Hentatsu, fans flocked to Amazon to pre-order TATSUKI’s Keifuku-san short. […]

The 20 Winter Anime Fans Think Are Worth Watching

A month has passed and we’re starting to get into the meat of the winter 2018 season! This is the time when fans start dropping some anime and advocating for others, so Charapedia decided to gauge the Japanese community’s interests. 10,000 fans participated in Charapedia’s latest survey to reveal the winter 2018 anime they feel […]