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‘Sweet Punishment’ Brings Steamy Prisoner & Guard Love this Spring

Get ready for steamy josei love, because Sho Izumi’s Sweet Punishment (Amai Chobatsu ~Watashi wa Kanshu Senyo Pet) manga is getting an anime. The store is set in a prison in the near future, which employes the sadistic guard Aki Myojin. Office lady Hina Saotome is falsely imprisoned, which lands her in Aki’s crosshairs. The sadistic guard decides […]

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‘Btooom!’ Manga Will Get a Rare Light & Dark Ending This July

Junya Inoue’s Btooom! manga is getting a unique gimmick for its final volume – there will be two different endings! Two versions of volume 26 will ship this July: a “light” ending culminating in the Friendship Arc and a “dark” ending culminating in the Truth Arc. The light end is currently being serialized in Monthly Comic @Bunch and […]

What Cute Anime Couples Make Your Heart Pound?

Who doesn’t love a great romance? Fans love seeing adorable characters grow as a couple, overcome adversity, go on dates, and simply enjoying life! This Valentine’s Day, we want to which couples are the community’s favorites. Don’t worry, couples from non-romance anime are fair game, there just needs to be a strong depiction of their […]

VOTE: What is Studio Bones’ Greatest Anime of All-Time?

Anime studio Bones will be celebrating their 20th anniversary this year! They’ve been entertaining fans with their brand of mecha action, adventure stories, and slick animation styles. To get in the spirit, we want to know which series fans think are Bones’ best! Vote for your favorite Bones anime and we’ll share the top 20 […]

‘Darling in the Franxx’ Has a Manga & It’s Super Ecchi

Darling in the Franxx has the feeling of a classic Gainax series. You have teenagers piloting mechs fighting bizarre creatures while exploring their sexuality. In fact, the Gainax feel isn’t surprising since the key staff is made up of former Gainax employees.   One thing fans are noticing is the overt sexuality. Sexuality and interpersonal relationships play […]

‘Tokyo Ghoul:re’ Manga is Entering its Final Arc

Sui Ishida is preparing to write the final arc for Tokyo Ghoul:re. A wrap-around jacket for volume 14 reads “The evolving dark fantasy is rushing towards its ultimate final arc!.” Ishida or Shueisha hasn’t said if this arc will lead to a third series or conclude Tokyo Ghoul. Tokyo Ghoul:re is a sequel series to Tokyo Ghoul and it […]

6 Reasons ‘Steins;Gate 0’ is this Years Most Hyped Sequel

Steins;Gate 0 is this year’s most anticipated sequel! The first anime is regarded as a modern masterpiece by fans and critics alike, so it’s only natural people will be excited about a follow-up series. This emotional sci-fi series will be airing in a packed spring season! Here are some reasons why everyone is hyped for Steins;Gate 0.   A semi-sequel […]

The 15 Most Lovable Nerdy Anime Characters as Chosen by Fans

Some of the most relatable anime characters are gigantic in-universe geeks! They love anime, games, manga, or other nerdy hobbies just as much as viewers do, which can gain them a large following. Goo Ranking asked the Japanese community to vote for their favorite nerdy characters! Here are the top 15 choices.   15. Nagi Sanzenin […]

Anicoin is a Cryptocurrency Looking to Bypass Production Committees

Move over Otaku Coin, there’s a new anime cryptocurrency in town! Creative Frontier, the production company behind Idol Connect -Asterisk Live-, announced plans to launch Anicoin, which is a new cryptocurrency that will be used to bypass production committees. Token sales for Anicoin’s initial coin offering (ICO) will be held in February, months before Tokyo Otaku Mode’s […]

‘Land of the Lustrous’ Wins Big in Massive Anime Fan Survey

NTT Docomo is Japan’s largest mobile phone operator, and they just revealed their annual anime survey results! Over 4,500 users of NTT Docomo’s dAnime Store service participated in the survey, and they seem to in love with a squad of gems! Here are this year’s rankings:   Most Recommended Anime of 2017 Land of the […]