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Japanese Government Wants to Relieve the Pressure on Animators with Technology

The Japanese government is hoping to alleviate some of the pressure animators are facing in the anime industry. Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) met with around 100 representatives from the anime industry on February 20th. The meeting had information about how technology is being utilized by production companies and that an industry […]

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The Anime with So Many Issues it’s Suspending Production: Maerchen Maedchen

The final two episodes of Maerchen Maedchen have been indefinitely delayed, with the 10th episode serving as the anti-climatic finale. Program guides have indicated that Maerchen Maedchen is being suspended and that plans for the final two episodes will be announced at a later time on the anime’s official website. The anime’s issued a statement confirming the reports […]

13 Photos from Anime Japan that Will Make You Book Your Trip Right Now

AnimeJapan is quickly becoming one of the hottest anime trade conventions. The annual event is in its fifth year and drew a massive 145,453 visitors across four days. The convention is home to the biggest reveals, killer cosplay, and beautiful props for fans to admire. Fans thinking about booking a trip AnimeJapan will have to […]

8 Recent Anime Controversies that Shook the Industry

The anime industry is fairly quiet compared to most other entertainment industries. While there is growing awareness about the poor treatment animators face, anime has been fairly clean. However, when controversy hits, it hits big! Here are some of the events that shook the industry over the past 10 years.   Aya Hirano – Bandmate […]

The Anime Industry’s Big Issues and What People Say Could Solve It

It’s no secret that the anime industry has its fair share of problems. Artists have been speaking out against their sometimes below minimum wage salary and long work hours, various producers have been attacking the production committee model saying it doesn’t equally share profits with creators, and agencies have been stepping up their fight against piracy to gain more revenue.   […]

Oregon Embraces the Anime Aesthetic in Their Ghibli-Like Tourism Video

The state of Oregon is using anime to attract tourists with their “Only Slightly Exaggerated” campaign. The anime commercial looks like a Studio Ghibli short with its enormous animals, idyllic scenery, and fantasy creatures. Each scene is based on real-life locations in Oregon – though you won’t be riding huge bunnies! Some of the locations include: […]

Japan Hopes to Make Permanent Residency Easier for Foreign Anime Talent

People with expertise in animation and illustration may have an easier path to permanent Japanese residency. According to The Japan Times, the Japanese government is looking to change their immigration policy to attract foreign workers in pushing the “Cool Japan” initiative. The changes can happen as early as this summer. Japan’s current immigration system assigns […]

The True Meaning of ‘Ghibli’ Explains Miyazaki’s Harsh Words for the Industry

Studio Ghibli co-founder and director Hayao Miyazaki has reputation for being the industry’s grumpy grandpa. The influential director has never been shy about his disdain towards otaku, which are people who withdraw from society and spend most of their time with a hobby. Miyazaki has called out otaku for damaging the anime industry, despite being […]

‘Attack on Titan’ Creator Says the Anime Improved on the Manga

One question has ragged on since the beginning of time: anime or the source manga? Both sides have dedicated fans with convincing arguments. Anime fans argue that moving pictures and voice acting can enhance an experience while manga fans feel that the source material is the intended story and any changes are blasphemous. You could be […]

1,300-Year Old Hotel Inspiration for ‘Hanairo’ to Close Down

The Shidekaku Inn is a historic site in Yuwakuaraya, Kanazawa. It opened 1,300 years ago and became an anime pilgrimage spot after inspiring the setting of P.A. Works‘ Hanasaku Iroha. お客様各位 平素より、御愛顧賜り誠に有難うございます。諸般の事情により当館は3月17日の営業をもちまして閉館することとなりました。長きにわたり湯涌の地で皆様をお迎えできましたこと、心より感謝いたします。今後も湯涌温泉をご愛顧下さいますよう、よろしくお願い致します。 館主 — 秀峰閣 (@syuhokaku) February 21, 2018 Despite the inn’s popularity with anime fans and it’s historical value, it’s been announced that Shidekaku Inn will be closing […]