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‘Btooom!’ Manga Will Get a Rare Light & Dark Ending This July

Junya Inoue’s Btooom! manga is getting a unique gimmick for its final volume – there will be two different endings!


Two versions of volume 26 will ship this July: a “light” ending culminating in the Friendship Arc and a “dark” ending culminating in the Truth Arc. The light end is currently being serialized in Monthly Comic @Bunch and the dark ending will begin serialization in June in B Bunch.

It’s uncommon for a manga series to receive two unique endings and the decision seems to stem from Inoue’s background as a video game director. Having two different endings gives readers some sort of choice in experiencing a “canon” ending based on their preferences.


Btooom! is Inoue’s third manga series, as well as his most popular. The story centers around a NEET named Sakamoto, a young man who is the top-ranking player in the online game Btooom!. One day, he wakes up on an island with a satchel of bombs modeled after the ones in the game. After an initial shock, Sakamoto realizes he is participating in a death game modeled after Btooom!.


Madhouse produced a 12 episode adaptation that aired in the fall 2012 season. A smartphone game inspired by the manga was launched in February 2017.

Are you excited to read the two endings of Btooom!?

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