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6 Anime Like Citrus [Recommendations]

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After her mother remarried and moved to a new place, the highly fashiona…

Choose the Best Girls in this Top 10 Winter Waifu War

Who doesn’t love a mini waifu war in the middle of winter? Below, you’ll find the ladies from this season’s female dominate shows and you just have to click on the best girl. Simple, right?





Winter Streaming Preview 2018

Winter Season 2018 is already upon us! And already it seems as if we – the UK viewers – might need to subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as Crunchyroll, Funimation (for simuldubs) and HIDIVE if we’re going to keep up with all the enticing new offerings. From Masaaki Yuasa’s DEVILMAN crybaby (binge-watch … Continued