Gender, Twins, and Cosplay Collides in Alex_Cosplays Instagram

Alex_Cosplays has been popping on Instagram thanks to her gender-swapped All Might!   What originally caught our attention was this impressive photo where she makes the weights look like playthings. We thought that off camera there might be people helping hold it up but we don’t see anyone in the reflection. How strong is this woman??   […]

13 Stunning Cosplay That’ll Have You Loving Overlord’s Albedo

Albedo is one of the most popular characters in Overlord and who can blame fans for loving her? Her spastic, yandere personality and eye-catching design were tailored made to make her queen! Albedo’s fun look has also spawned lovely cosplay! Here are some of the best from WorldCosplay. 1. ChiMaKi | WorldCosplay   2. Shiraga Yanko | […]

This Little Baby is a Rising Star in the Cosplay World

For most parents, nap time is a sacred event that grants a brief moment of peace. While a typical parent will just enjoy the simple quiet, photographer Laura Izumikawa risks it all to snap “napping cosplay” pics of her daughter. The gamble is totally worth it because Laura’s daughter rocks her adorable costumes. From anime to […]

This Shining ‘Land of Lustrous’ Cosplay Shoot is Picture Perfect

Land of the Lustrous (Houseki no Kuni) has been receiving a lot of love from the community. The series routinely tops Best of 2017 polls and won a major award from CGWORLD for its animation style. But one of the things the community loves is the wealth of fan art! Artist Ekita recently blew fans away with their detailed character […]