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Top 10 Anime Siblings of 2017

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In 2017, so many great characters got a chance to shine in their own respective anime series. Whatever the …

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Top 10 Supporting Female Characters of 2017 [Best Recommendations]

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2017 was a great year of anime that showcased some excellent supporting female characters so today’s list is …

Maruaba_2 Draws Amazing Anime Art Using Microsoft Excel

When you see a detailed piece of digital art, odds are that Clip Studio Paint, SketchBook Pro, or a similar program was used on a drawing tablet. But, if you’re like @Maruraba_2, you shun those programs in favor of Excel! That’s right, one of the most well-known spreadsheet programs can be used to draw high-quality […]

‘Land of the Lustrous’ Wins Big in Massive Anime Fan Survey

NTT Docomo is Japan’s largest mobile phone operator, and they just revealed their annual anime survey results! Over 4,500 users of NTT Docomo’s dAnime Store service participated in the survey, and they seem to in love with a squad of gems! Here are this year’s rankings:   Most Recommended Anime of 2017 Land of the […]