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Everything We Know so Far About the Romance Film: ‘I Want to Eat Your Pancreas’

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas has anime fans hyped and for good reasons! Despite the odd title, it has the makings of becoming a fantastic romance-drama film that will bring you to tears. The original novel has already been adapted into both a manga and a live-action movie, so it already has a dedicated following. However, there […]

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Oregon Embraces the Anime Aesthetic in Their Ghibli-Like Tourism Video

The state of Oregon is using anime to attract tourists with their “Only Slightly Exaggerated” campaign. The anime commercial looks like a Studio Ghibli short with its enormous animals, idyllic scenery, and fantasy creatures. Each scene is based on real-life locations in Oregon – though you won’t be riding huge bunnies! Some of the locations include: […]

11 Romance Manga That Desperately Need Anime Adaptations

There are loads of romance manga, but the ones that get anime adaptations tend to be fanservice-heavy shounen story or ones filled with misunderstandings and dense MCs. While those are great in small doses, we hope that romances with steady progression and honest couples will get the spotlight someday. Here is some great romance manga […]

Kim Kardashian Credits Zero Two For Her Pink Hair Which Leads to Many Questions

Recently, Kim Kardashian shared that she has an anime obsession. I am obsessed with anime. That was legit my inspo — Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) February 28, 2018 Kim fans felt that her pink hair and ‘Yeezy Season 7’ outfits gave off an anime vibe, which she confirmed on social media.   Naturally, some […]

Pop Artist Yusuke Nakamura Will Win Your Heart with His Unique Style

Yusuke Nakamura is one of Japan’s biggest illustrators. Clean lines, profile shots, busy backgrounds, an attractive use of pastel colors punctuate his works. Most anime fans know Namakura for designing the cast of The Tatami Galaxy and The Night is Short, Walk on Girl. He’s also drawn server CD covers for the alt-rock band Asian Kung-Fu Generation.   Wonder […]

Kim Kardashian Shocks Fans With Surprise Anime Obsession Tweet

Kim Kardashian West has announced that she’s obsessed with anime. I am obsessed with anime. That was legit my inspo — Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) February 28, 2018 That’s right, one of the worlds most famous business mogul is an anime fan. Kim’s anime obsession comes shortly after Michael B. Jordan’s otaku hobby was […]

Gucci Gets Weird with Severed Heads and Anime

Fashion shows are home to both stylish and bizarre clothing designs, but the latest Gucci line has people talking.   Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele said the show’s theme was influenced by Donna Haraway’s 1984 “A Cyborg Manifesto” essay. This meant severed heads, ’80s geek-chic, and granny ware!   In the midst of the unique […]

Go Deeper in Understanding Ghibli with These Original Layouts

Studio Ghibli’s work is felt strongly when watched and leaves its fans with a renewed sense of wonder for the world. Animators and designers have studied each frame of their films to uncover the magic behind the leaves, the water, and the tiny moving details that translate into a masterpiece. A superfan on Tumblr, aptly […]

Fans Share Face Shape Theory to Prove Anime Characters Look Japanese

There are debates that will never die. Should the toilet paper be under or overhand? Does pineapple belong on a pizza? Do anime characters look Japanese or white?   It’s a debate that has raged on since ’80s once anime started creeping into Western pop culture. Fans love to project themselves onto their favorite characters and […]