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11 Horror Anime as Scary as ‘The Junji Ito Collection’

Horror fans have been entertained by this season’s The Junji Ito Collection, which adapts some of Ito’s horror stories. However, it’s the only horror anime in town this winter and fans need more creepy tales while they wait for new episodes! Fill in the time gap with these equally as scary horror anime.   Perfect Blue […]

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Let’s Check Out the Anime From the ‘YoriMori’ Staff

A Place Further Than The Universe (Sora yori mo Tooi Basho) is this season’s addicting coming-of-age story about four teenage girls joining an expedition to Antarctica. It’s a rare original series that is being produced by Madhouse – 2015’s Death Parade was their last original. The team is a mish-mash of talent, but it’s being led by No Game No Life director […]