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All About the Japanese Town that Inspired the Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is one of gaming’s most iconic franchises. Nintendo has been developing entries since 1986, with Link’s silhouette, the Tri-Force, and dungeons being instantly recognizable.   The series’ high fantasy setting gives off vibes of Dungeon & Dragons and Arthurian legend, but the main inspiration was creator Shigeru Miyamoto’s childhood explorations.   Miyamoto was born […]

11 Surprisingly Good Anime & Game Music for Studying You May Have Missed

Everyone is discovering the lo-fi chill-hop channel on YouTube and tuning in for those long study sessions. If you’re like me, you’ve heard every song on there 100 times now and are burnt out on all the popular anime and gaming music. If you need something new to refresh your palate, here are some undiscovered gems from […]

Relive Your Childhood with an All-New ‘Zoids’ Anime

Zoids is a making a comeback with an all-new Zoids Wild multimedia project. It’s the franchise’s newest line since 2005’s Zoids Genesis. The mecha-beast series is based on Takara Tomy’s line of model kits. Zoids Wild will consist of a summer 2017 TV anime series, a manga that will launch in April, a new model kit line that will debut in June, […]

New Teslasuit Lets You Feel VR Games and We Know Where This is Heading

Virtual reality is quickly becoming adopted by consumers as more developers keep pumping out software and games based on the tech. You can immerse your eyes and ears with the tech, but one developer wants to bring consumers a full body experience. The makers of Teslasuit are creating a full body outfit that will stimulate your body with […]

‘BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle’ Gets Backlash Over Planned DLC

Since their announcement last year at Evo 2017, fans have been excited for Arc System Works’ latest installment in the popular Blazblue franchise. ‘BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle’ combines the cast of multiple fighting game series — BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena and Under Night In-Birth. It will also include characters from RWBY, Rooster Teeth’s anime-style web […]