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Winter Streaming Preview 2018

Winter Season 2018 is already upon us! And already it seems as if we – the UK viewers – might need to subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as Crunchyroll, Funimation (for simuldubs) and HIDIVE if we’re going to keep up with all the enticing new offerings. From Masaaki Yuasa’s DEVILMAN crybaby (binge-watch … Continued

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5 Overlooked Winter 2018 Anime You Should Watch

Every season, a handful of worthwhile anime are overlooked by the masses in favor of sequels and big-name adaptations. Fill-in your empty days waiting for new episodes of Overolrd II and Violet Evergarden with these overlooked anime!   IDOLiSH7 IDOLiSH7 has two marks on it that most fans tend to avoid: it’s based on a mobile game and features male idols. Even […]

Let’s Explore the 9 Calmest Anime of Winter 2018 (So Far)

Winter 2018 has been heaven for slice of life fans! Nearly every day has something cute and calming to watch. There are different styles as well, from young love to raising an adorable pet – there is a slice of life for everyone. Here are the best of the crop so far:   Karakai Jozu […]