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20 Romantic Anime Japanese Fan Enjoy Watching with Their Lovers

Valentine’s Day may have passed, but we don’t a need holiday to indulge in romantic anime! Charapedia asked the Japanese community to rank romantic anime that enjoy watching with their lovers. Not all of the choices are traditionally romantic, but they can be cute in their own twisted and bittersweet way.   Castle in the […]

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18 Coming of Age Anime That Will Play With Your Emotions

Coming of age stories are popular in anime, and why wouldn’t it be? Young people solving personal problems is a staple of the industry! The right doses of drama, romance, and introspection has made the genre popular with all sorts of fans – especially ones addicted to character growth. Here are some of the best of […]

14 Anime Series That’ll Lead You to a Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday when couples get lost in each other’s eyes and get all sugary sweet. It’s a time to indulge in romance – or so we’ve been told. BUT NOT TODAY! Not everyone gets hit by Cupid’s arrow and others don’t need a corporate holiday as an excuse to shower their significant […]

15 Sweet & Tender Romance Anime to Enjoy This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time to spend with your loved ones and enjoying tender romance anime! These cute anime are filled with steady dates, innocent interactions, and mellow stories that won’t fill you with stress. Sit back and enjoy these romances with your loved ones!   Tsuki ga Kirei Studio: feel. Episodes: 12 Quick pitch: Akane Mizuno and […]

The 15 Cutest Anime Couples With the Strongest Bonds

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s not only time to fawn over our loved ones, but to indulge in our favorite anime couples! Goo Ranking ask the Japanese community to rank the couples with the strongest bond. There is a mix of old-school and modern couples, but things skew towards the […]

19 Experimental Anime That Will Trip Up Your Mind

Anime can be more than action-fueled shounen series, sexy harems, and endless isekai fantasies. Sometimes, studios and creators are allowed to get experimental with their work, which can lead to really trippy works! Below are some of the more experimental and trippy anime around – you’ll find unique art styles, mindbending writing, and bizarre thematic […]

6 Reasons ‘Steins;Gate 0’ is this Years Most Hyped Sequel

Steins;Gate 0 is this year’s most anticipated sequel! The first anime is regarded as a modern masterpiece by fans and critics alike, so it’s only natural people will be excited about a follow-up series. This emotional sci-fi series will be airing in a packed spring season! Here are some reasons why everyone is hyped for Steins;Gate 0.   A semi-sequel […]

9 Cute Romance Manga that Avoid Frustratingly Dense MCs

A common complaint levied towards the romance genre is the density of the main characters. Often times, a character’s obliviousness to other people’s emotions can lead to unnecessary melodrama and can kill a story’s momentum. But not these series! These manga feature characters that aren’t emotional blackholes or gluttons for misunderstandings. In fact, you best […]

11 Great Anime Series Based on Non-Japanese Stories

It may come as a surprise, but not all anime are based on Japanese source material. Sometimes, producers look overseas for inspiration and it can lead to some great anime!   Romeo x Juliet Romeo x Juliet is a loose retelling of William Shakespeare’s classic tragedy. While it features similar characters and story beats, Romeo x Juliet takes […]

The 15 Most Lovable Nerdy Anime Characters as Chosen by Fans

Some of the most relatable anime characters are gigantic in-universe geeks! They love anime, games, manga, or other nerdy hobbies just as much as viewers do, which can gain them a large following. Goo Ranking asked the Japanese community to vote for their favorite nerdy characters! Here are the top 15 choices.   15. Nagi Sanzenin […]