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‘Btooom!’ Manga Will Get a Rare Light & Dark Ending This July

Junya Inoue’s Btooom! manga is getting a unique gimmick for its final volume – there will be two different endings! Two versions of volume 26 will ship this July: a “light” ending culminating in the Friendship Arc and a “dark” ending culminating in the Truth Arc. The light end is currently being serialized in Monthly Comic @Bunch and […]

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Manga Meltdown: Today 6 Series Announce They’re Ending

Today has been a little rough for manga fans because at least six different series have announced that they will be ending soon. This biggest announcement is ReLIFE, which will end this March! Here are the other manga that had their end dates announced:   ReLIFE Mangaka Yayoiso announced that she will end ReLIFE with its 222nd chapter, […]

‘Tokyo Ghoul:re’ Manga is Entering its Final Arc

Sui Ishida is preparing to write the final arc for Tokyo Ghoul:re. A wrap-around jacket for volume 14 reads “The evolving dark fantasy is rushing towards its ultimate final arc!.” Ishida or Shueisha hasn’t said if this arc will lead to a third series or conclude Tokyo Ghoul. Tokyo Ghoul:re is a sequel series to Tokyo Ghoul and it […]

‘One Punch Man’ Artist is Writing a ‘Back to the Future’ Manga

A Japanese celebration event for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One movie had a surprise announcement – Yuusuke Murata (One Punch Man / Eyeshield 21) will be adapting Back to the Future into a manga! The manga, which is titled BTTF, will be supervised by the movie’s screenwriter Bob Gale. BTTF will follow the same core story as the iconic movie, but original content will also […]

This February ‘Gintama’ Manga Reaches Climax Before it’s End

An end of an era quickly approaches as Hideaki Sorachi‘s Gintama enters its climax chapter in Shonen Jump Issue 10. Everything in the long-running ‘Silver Soul Arc‘ has been building to this moment. Gintama ends in Shonen Jump Issue 10. — YonkouProductions (@YonkouProd) January 24, 2018 Shonen Jump issue 9 will be released on January 29th […]