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8 Original Anime You Didn’t Know Had Great Manga Tie-ins

Manga-to-anime and light novel-to-manga are the two most popular adaptation styles in the industry. However, there are times when an original anime receives a manga adaptation. Most of these works are promotional tie-ins that serve as quick previews, and others are extremely faithful adaptions. They serve their purposes, but a lot of fans feel that […]

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6 Anime Like Darling in the FRANKXX [Recommendations]

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Mecha is one anime genre that has been around for quite…

19 Experimental Anime That Will Trip Up Your Mind

Anime can be more than action-fueled shounen series, sexy harems, and endless isekai fantasies. Sometimes, studios and creators are allowed to get experimental with their work, which can lead to really trippy works! Below are some of the more experimental and trippy anime around – you’ll find unique art styles, mindbending writing, and bizarre thematic […]

Shirogane Makes Cosplay That Look Almost Like Digital Art

Can you guess which of these images is a cosplay or a 3D model? As unbelievable as it may seem, the image on the left is Shirogane-sama, a cosplayer known for her attention to detail and hyper-realistic style, with the photo and editing by Pollypwnz. The image on the right is a 3D model created […]