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Anime Limited News: Lupin IV, Momotaro, Sister New Devil & More!

Anime Limited continues to unveil more new information on their upcoming slates. Here’s the quick TL;DR since our last update.

Superfans Hate the ‘Hoshin Engi’ Anime So Much They’re Signing a Petition

Fans are no stranger to disappointing and terrible anime adaptations. Most viewers are content with airing their criticisms on social media or ignoring the anime exists, but one Hoshin Engi fan has mobilized fans to demand answers from the studio! Motohara is a self-proclaimed “manga and anime-loving otaku,” and is a super fan of the Hoshin Engi manga. She claims […]

Age Gap Romance ‘After the Rain’ Manga Ends in 2 Chapters

Jun Mayuzuki’s age-gap romance After the Rain (Koi wa Ameagari no youni) manga is ending in two chapters. The manga’s ending will be published in issue 14 of Big Comic Spirits. After the Rain has been a hit for Miayuzuki since its debut in Monthly Big Comic Spirits in 2014 – there are 1.75 million copies in print. The story focuses […]

‘Danmachi’ Returns For a 2nd Season & an Original Movie

Be prepared to reunite with Hestia, Bell, and the infamous blue ribbon because Danmachi is getting a second season and a theatrical movie! Both announcements were made at the GA Bunko 2918 Happyou Stage event at Wonder Festival Details are super slim, but the Arrow of the Orion movie will have an original story written by series creator Fujino […]

Bloody Light Novel Series ‘Goblin Slayer’ Gets an Anime

Kumo Kagyu’s Goblin Slayer, which is an action-packed and popular light novel, is getting an anime adaptation! The announcement was made at the “GA Bunko 2018 Happyou Stage” event at Wonder Festival. 「ゴブリンスレイヤー」TVアニメ化決定!基本、キャストの皆さまは、ドラマCDと同じ豪華声優陣!CAST:梅原裕一郎、小倉 唯、東山奈央、井口裕香、内田真礼、中村悠一、杉田智和、日笠陽子、松岡禎丞 ほか(敬称略)#ゴブスレ — 「ゴブリンスレイヤー」公式 (@GoblinSlayer_GA) February 18, 2018 WHITE FOX, which is known for RE:Zero and Steins;Gate, will produce Goblin Slayer. The anime’s production staff was not […]