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14 Anime Series That’ll Lead You to a Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday when couples get lost in each other’s eyes and get all sugary sweet. It’s a time to indulge in romance – or so we’ve been told. BUT NOT TODAY! Not everyone gets hit by Cupid’s arrow and others don’t need a corporate holiday as an excuse to shower their significant […]

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Announcing the Anime UK News Readers’ Choice Awards Winners!

The survey’s closed, the votes have been counted, and your voice has been heard. It’s time to reveal the winners of the Anime UK News Readers’ Choice Awards!

14 Anime That Are Almost as Weird as ‘Pop Team Epic’

Pop Team Epic is weird, absurd, and difficult to explain. It basically involves two friends starring in skits, which range from parodies to anti-humor. Fans may wonder, “is there any other anime as weird than Pop Team Epic?” While not completely on that level, these anime may satisfy your craving!   Tono to Issho Studio: Gathering Genre: Comedy / […]