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8 Original Anime You Didn’t Know Had Great Manga Tie-ins

Manga-to-anime and light novel-to-manga are the two most popular adaptation styles in the industry. However, there are times when an original anime receives a manga adaptation. Most of these works are promotional tie-ins that serve as quick previews, and others are extremely faithful adaptions. They serve their purposes, but a lot of fans feel that […]

6 Anime Like Violet Evergarden [Recommendations]

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Many anime dive into war with a sometimes over exaggerated mindset. Rather than tell compelling storie…

20 Romantic Anime Japanese Fan Enjoy Watching with Their Lovers

Valentine’s Day may have passed, but we don’t a need holiday to indulge in romantic anime! Charapedia asked the Japanese community to rank romantic anime that enjoy watching with their lovers. Not all of the choices are traditionally romantic, but they can be cute in their own twisted and bittersweet way.   Castle in the […]

5 Anime to Watch While You Wait For New ‘Violet Evergarden’ Episodes

Violet Evergarden is this season’s standout anime thanks to KyoAni’s stellar animation and an emotional story revolving around Violet discovering the meaning of love. This combination of elements is always a winner with fans, and other anime have dabbled into this ocean before! Try checking out these anime while you wait for new episodes of Violet Evergarden.   […]