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6 Overlooked Romance Anime Fans Should Rediscover

Fans are treated to great romance anime every year, but all of those choices lead to worthwhile series slipping through the cracks. A combination of strange stories, unique art styles, and bad timing have caused the modern romances to be undervalued by genre fans. Kokoro Connect Studio: Silver Link Genre: Drama / Romance / Supernatural Episodes: 13 + […]

11 Romance Manga That Desperately Need Anime Adaptations

There are loads of romance manga, but the ones that get anime adaptations tend to be fanservice-heavy shounen story or ones filled with misunderstandings and dense MCs. While those are great in small doses, we hope that romances with steady progression and honest couples will get the spotlight someday. Here is some great romance manga […]

What Cute Anime Couples Make Your Heart Pound?

Who doesn’t love a great romance? Fans love seeing adorable characters grow as a couple, overcome adversity, go on dates, and simply enjoying life! This Valentine’s Day, we want to which couples are the community’s favorites. Don’t worry, couples from non-romance anime are fair game, there just needs to be a strong depiction of their […]

15 Sweet & Tender Romance Anime to Enjoy This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time to spend with your loved ones and enjoying tender romance anime! These cute anime are filled with steady dates, innocent interactions, and mellow stories that won’t fill you with stress. Sit back and enjoy these romances with your loved ones!   Tsuki ga Kirei Studio: feel. Episodes: 12 Quick pitch: Akane Mizuno and […]

9 Cute Romance Manga that Avoid Frustratingly Dense MCs

A common complaint levied towards the romance genre is the density of the main characters. Often times, a character’s obliviousness to other people’s emotions can lead to unnecessary melodrama and can kill a story’s momentum. But not these series! These manga feature characters that aren’t emotional blackholes or gluttons for misunderstandings. In fact, you best […]

‘Koi wa Ameagari no You ni’ is This Season’s Lovable Romance

It’s been slim pickings for romance fans this winter, but sometimes quality is better than quantity! Koi wa Ameagari no You ni (After the Rain) has the makings of a winner with a compelling lead character, a great art style, and adorable moments. You just have to come to terms with the age gap.   What is Koi wa […]