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Musical ‘Sound! Euphonium’ Series Gets New Novel About Seniors & Alumni

Ayano Takeda revealed that she will release a novel in her hit Sound! Euphonium series. Sound! Euphonium ~True Stories~ (Hibike! Euphonium ~Honto no Hanashi~), which will be released on April 5, will be a short story collection about alumni and freshmen. 新刊についてのお知らせです。ユーフォシリーズ最新作「響け!ユーフォニアム 〜ホントの話」が4月5日に発売されます。あすか達の卒業後の進路や第二楽章後の夏紀達、アンサンブルコンテスト等が収録された短編集です。各部員についてより深く掘り下げた内容となっています、よろしくお願いします! — 武田綾乃 (@ayanotakeda) March 3, 2018 Takeda did give more in-depth teases about what each short story […]

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Let’s Check Out the Anime From the ‘YoriMori’ Staff

A Place Further Than The Universe (Sora yori mo Tooi Basho) is this season’s addicting coming-of-age story about four teenage girls joining an expedition to Antarctica. It’s a rare original series that is being produced by Madhouse – 2015’s Death Parade was their last original. The team is a mish-mash of talent, but it’s being led by No Game No Life director […]