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D’ART Shtajio Teases a big 2018 Year for Anime

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  • It seems like collaborations continue to flourish in the anime scene and one of the more recent announcements comes from D’ART Shtajio, which was formed by Arthell Isom, Darnell Isom and Henry Thurlow. The team recently released an anime short titled Shoujo no Piero or "The Doll" on Facebook, where it received a lot of praise for its subtle approach to a commonly relatable feeling of an artist’s struggle involving, growth, change and the re-igniting of a burnt out passion.
  • The Doll stars Dante Carver (SoftBank, Resident Evil: Vendetta) as Ijiro and was created using Toon Boom’s Harmony and Story Board Pro software. D’Art Shtajio has begun its transition from the commonly used traditional paper style animation, into the world of digital animation. This is an incredibly huge jump into a new artistic medium and will certainly bring forth more opportunities.
  • D’Art Shtajio’s CEO, Arthell Isom wants to explore new methods of improving the process for creating animation while offering a more diversified storytelling within the medium of 2D anime. The team will also be utilizing Toon Boom’s Software for several large upcoming projects that will be announced later this month.
  • In preparation for the growth and release of several new projects, D’Art Shtajio has named David Pinter (Indigo Ignited co-creator) as their CMO and Head of Business Development within the company. Pinter strives to continue bringing quality content to fans around the world and to help bridge the gap between Eastern and Western animation. Check out the "The Doll" episode down below!

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Shoujo no Piero/ The Doll
[balloon_speech align="left" text="Whoa, I really like the direction this story is headed. As a former animator/3D artist I can totally relate to Ijiro." image="bee-happy1"] [balloon_speech align="right" text="I think anybody can relate to the story as it speaks of inner struggle and trying to find that light in order to fulfil one's passions. Deep stuff." image="honey-happy1"]

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