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Disc Jam – Nintendo Switch Review

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Let the disc fly

Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4
  • Publisher: High Horse Entertainment
  • Developer: High Horse Entertainment
  • Release Date: Feb 8, 2018

Who it Caters to

Have you ever played an old game called Windjammers? Maybe you have, but you’re now looking for a more modern title with a bit more oomph. Well then, you’re looking for Disc Jam from developer High Horse Entertainment. If you enjoy fast past arcade-like sports games then you’ll fully enjoy Disc Jam. Just be prepared to practice in Disc Jam as the simple idea has some truly difficult elements that need to be mastered for a chance at winning.

What to Expect

Disc Jam is a third person sports title that plays a lot like frisbee. Players lob and throw a disc to score points and gain sweet victory. With various moves that you can pull off and several characters each with their own skills, Disc Jam will definitely treat you to a simple but deep sporting experience. Play with friends locally or online to make Disc Jam ten times more fun! Have a Nintendo Switch and need an arcade sporting title? Then why not check out Disc Jam?!
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In Disc Jam, there is no main story. Players take control of one of several characters each trying to prove their skills on the hard top. Throw the disc to reach your opponents other side or have it land on their side. The first player—or team—to 50 points wins the round and the first to two sets is the overall champion. Think you’re a master of throwing a frisbee? Let’s see how you are with a disc in Disc Jam!


Back in March of 2017, developer High Horse Entertainment released Disc Jam for the PS4 and PC and was met with mostly positive feedback. Gamers enjoyed Disc Jam for being an alternate take on an older title called Windjammers but equally had some problems with the lack of game modes and content overall. Now nearly a year later, Disc Jam releases once again but for the Nintendo Switch. Is Disc Jam any better on Nintendo’s handheld/console platform? That’s what we here at Honey’s Anime are aiming to find out in our review of Disc Jam. Let’s get this review spinning. Disc Jam is a pretty simple concept to explain to most. Players throw a circular disc on two opposing sides of a court—think Tennis but without rackets—to score points in one of two ways. Players can either have the disc hit the opponent’s back wall or land on their opponent’s side. First to 50 points or more wins and this goes on for two sets. It’s a simple idea but Disc Jam does some rather interesting things with it’s gameplay. Disc Jam allows players to manipulate their disc in more than one way. Players can lob the disc, spin it against walls to cause it to ricochet and they can even launch it with special abilities. For example, say a player throws the disc at another but they deflect it with their shields—yes, players have shields they can use in Disc Jam—they can lob the disc up in the air and launch it back with one of several special shots. Equally, a player who can somehow catch one of these shots can do the same in return. Disc Jam might be simple in its execution but the mind and reaction game that goes through a player’s mind during a match makes Disc Jam one of those titles that mastering abilities will help you ultimately win. Add to these elements different characters who have unique skills like speed advantages or power and Disc Jam becomes a metagame. Another neat element to Disc Jam is the local multiplayer and online play. Players can share use the Joy Cons together to initiate split screen from home or on the go and even play with others for up to 4 player matches. This is where Disc Jam gets its greatest strength, the ability to play with others is always a sports game biggest strength. Though, Disc Jam’s multiplayer isn’t enough to save it from a few major issues. The biggest problems with Disc Jam come in two forms. First, Disc Jam has very little in terms of content. Players can either play against each other in singles or doubles matches andor against the AI. That’s literally all you can do. Unlike Windjammers, Disc Jam doesn’t have mini-games or fun trails to overcome. Add to that a lack of different arenas—which is Disc Jam’s other problem—and you will find Disc Jam becomes quite old, quite fast.
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Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

The Nintendo Switch is easily one of the better platforms for developer High Horse Entertainment’s Disc Jam title. Not only can friends play together with split screen functionality via a JoyCon pair but the portability of playing Disc Jam is definitely a strong point. Equally though, being online is where Disc Jam keeps it’s replayability as you challenge others to see who the better player is. Disc Jam isn’t perfect and lacks a lot of content but at the end of the day it succeeds where other sports titles fail. Disc Jam is fun and enjoyable. That’s why if you need a solid sports title for your Nintendo Switch library we recommend Disc Jam.

Honey's Pros:

  • Multiplayer locally and online
  • Fun and simple controls with room to master them
  • Impressive roster of characters to use

Honey's Cons:

  • Lacks different arenas
  • Might get old if you don’t hop online to play against others

Honey's Final Verdict:

Disc Jam is one of those arcade sporting games that might not last forever but it does its job to appeal to most for at least a little while. The fun and frenetic Frisbee-like gameplay might seem simple at first, but for those who begin to see different methods of using powers and skills to time moves and launch them in odd ways will find Disc Jam to be quite tough to master. We wish there was more modes to enjoy like Windjammers but for the low asking price and the portability, Disc Jam is a solid title worth picking up. What are your thoughts on Wind Jam? Are you going to be rushing to download it now or are you going to let Wind Jam drop in price first? Why not tell us via the comments below? Remember folks, for all your gaming reviews and news needs, be sure to stick around to our hive here at Honey’s Anime.
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