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Kemono Friends Director Announces Next TV Anime Project!

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  • It has come to light that the beloved director from Kemono Friends will be making a new tv anime! The series will be called Kemurikusa and Yaoyorozu Studio will be in charge of making it. Yaoyorozu was in charge of the Kemono Friends anime, Love Rice!, Tesagure! Bukatsu mono, and more.
  • This all came to light at a talk show that Yaoyorozu put on over the weekend discussing their plans and upcoming works. Naturally, there were significantly more applications for tickets than there were seats, and fans were in for a treat. This is because Tatsuki appeared along with Animation Director Yoshihisa Isa, Art Director Yuuko Shiramizu, and Animation Producer Yoshitada Fukuhara.
  • No more information has been released other then the key visual down below. Check it out and get excited while we wait for more information!

[balloon_speech align="left" text="Yesssss! This is what Tatsuki deserves! I cannot wait to see him take over!" image="bombon-yes1"] [balloon_speech align="right" text="This is a great announcement!" image="bee-happy2"]

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