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March comes in like a lion – Episode 36

We were stuck in transition mode for this week’s March, as we segued out of Hina’s story and into Rei’s match with Meijin Souya. That meant this episode didn’t really have much of a chance of being a highlight, but it was still entertaining on the whole, and actually one of the funnier episodes in recent memory. So-so March is still a very fine show.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my episode notes below.

It is really charming seeing Shimada get all petty and insecure about Rei’s glossy match poster

This is just plain entertaining. We know and like the various members of the shogi association, and so seeing them bicker and banter about a match outside of Rei’s narrative is actually kinda relaxing

Yanagihara is Shimada’s opponent. Nice seeing them demonstrate their youthful spirit in their competitiveness

Souya is the king

Yanagihara’s declaration of intent is great. Love this gentleman thief tableau

I also like the overwhelming golden color of this overall segment. Works nicely for these faded dudes

Kiriyama runs into Hayashida-sensei on the roof

The Newcomer King versus King exhibition match

“Results are important, but it’s not results that reach people. The world doesn’t revolve around results.”

Meijin is Souya’s title, right?

“White Storm (Part 1)” Here’s the shit

The big fancy hotel intimidates Kiriyama

Oh my god, the long game payoff of Rei seeing the giant poster in the hallway. Wonderful moment

He’s nervous in his big room and too nervous to go to the onsen

He’s actually being treated like a celebrity with all these fancy public events

This episode is making smart use of preexisting footage. This is clearly a padding episode, designed to make things easier for next week, presumably

Souya just has a series of rehearsed lines he uses during all these events. He’s barely there at all

“That’s a shogi demon. He’s barely holding on to his human form”

This soft piano for Souya’s arrival is perfect. Such a tense, loaded moment

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