Say “Prost!” at “Legend of the Galactic Heroes” Cafe


Want to show your Legend of the Galactic Heroes love in a big way for 2018? Dining Cafe Iserlohn Fortress has you covered. The themed restaurant and shop celebrates both the Empire and the Alliance with a variety of themed dishes and drinks.


A few of the items on the menu:


"Artemis Necklace" Egg and Olive Plate:

"Iserlohn-yaki" Takoyaki with Sauce:

"Today's Hyperion": Dish of the Day in Hyperion Bowl:

"Today's Brünhild": Dish of the Day in Brünhild Bowl:

FPA Light Beer/Imperial Stout (in souvenir glass):

You can also order a Thor Hammer Wave Salad, Garmisch Fortress Meatballs, and (of course) Admiral Yang's favorite tea with brandy.


And if you enjoy yourself, there's plenty to gain from multiple visits. Return diners can raise their rank in either the FPA or Empire each time they dine in, with a top rank of Colonel available after 15 visits. Plus, you can collect either marks or dinars, which can be used to order from a special menu on later visits. (Diner currency cannot be purchased with real money, and is only available from dining in.)


Naturally, there are several collectible coasters, too! 12 different patterns will be available each month, distributed at random with each drink order.


Dining Cafe Iserlohn Fortress opened this Monday in Tokyo's GAOH Kuromon Building.


>> Dining Cafe Iserlohn Fortress Website


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