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Shounen Jump’s Hinomaru Zumou Announces Anime Adaptation [Update: Confirmed for Fall 2018 & Major Staff Announced!]

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  • Do you like teamwork? Do you like characters that work hard? Do you like ripping muscles and massive bodies bumping up against each other? If so, then good news! Shounen Jump announced today officially that Kawada's sumo wrestling manga has been greenlit for a TV anime!
  • Originally launching in 2014, the 18th volume just went on sale today. Amongst the world of Sumo, there rises a new challenger who, is not necessarily built like a normal sumo wrestler. He's rather small and even though he is the weakest in his sumo team, Hinomaru Ushio gives his all to try to aim for Yokozuna, the highest rank.
  • What do you think? Are you reading the manga? Let us know below what you think!
  • Update: 3/16: Today, it was announced that Hinomaru Zumou will be debuting Fall 2018. Also GONZO will be the studio with Kounosuke Uda & Yasutaka Yamamoto will be directors, and Kii Takana will be making their official debut as character desginer!
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