Every anime season is filled with a large variety of shows aimed at different types of viewers. While a lot of anime are shounen (teenage boys), there are works aimed towards adults.

Here are this season’s seinen and josei anime, which are for viewers looking for more mature themes, graphic violence, or human drama.

Tokyo Ghoul:re

Studio: Studio Pierrot

Genre: Action / Horror / Mystery / Supernatural

Premiere: April 3

Quick Pitch: Two years after the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) agency’s raid on Anteiku. The agency’s systematic eradication of ghouls has changed Tokyo’s atmosphere, but the Aogiri Tree terrorist group is planning to fight back. A half-ghoul, half-human named Haise Sasaki leads the elite Quix Squad for the CCG to combat the new Aogiri Tree threat.


Golden Kamuy

Studio: Geno Studio

Genre: Action / Adventure / Historical

Premiere: April 9

Quick Pitch: Sugimoto is a Russo-Japanese war veteran who lives in Hokkaido. He seeks riches promised by the gold rush so he can save the widow of a war comrade, but he must track down clues from criminals. Partnering with an Ainu girl, Sugimoto is prepared to brave the elements and race against the criminals seeking the hidden stash of treasure.


Piano no Mori

Studio: Fukushima Gainax

Genre: Comedy / Drama / Music

Premiere: April 9

Quick Pitch: Amamiya is the son of a famous pianist, and he moves from Tokyo to the countryside due to his grandmother’s failing health. One day, Amamiya is coaxed into playing a cursed piano in the forest, which fails to produce sound. However, his classmate Kai is able to play a beautiful song on the cursed piano.


Devil’s Line

Studio: Platinum Vision

Genre: Action / Drama / Romance / Supernatural

Premiere: April 7

Quick Pitch: Tsukasa is a college student and she is rescued by a half-vampire named Anzai. It’s revealed that Anzai is part of a task for that investigates vampire-related crime, which causes him to watch over Tsukasa. While vampires do not need to drink blood to live, a craving can cause them to go berserk – something Anzai worries will happen if he stays around Tsukasa.



Studio: feel.

Genre: Comedy / Science Fiction / Slice of Life

Premiere: April 6

Quick Pitch: Yoshifumi Nitta is a young and clever member of the Ashikawa-gumi. Nitta’s comfortable life changes after meeting Hina, an emotionless psionic girl that crashes into his apartment. Despite having an awesome power, Hina is lazy and sloppy, so she decides to live with Nitta as his daughter. Now Nitta has to pretend to be a recent divorcee single father and protect Nitta from an organization that wants her eliminated.


Alice or Alice

Studio: EMT²

Genre: Slice of Life

Premiere: April 4

Quick Pitch: The Alice twins not only share the same name, but they have a brother with a sister complex.


Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu

Studio: Gonzo

Genre: Comedy / Mecha / Slice of Life

Premiere: April 3

Quick Pitch: The gag comedy follows the hectic life of Subaru Ichinose, the ace pilot of Tiramisu. He has difficulty bonding with the older pilots, so he locks himself in the cockpit of his mecha suit.


Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori

Studio: Zexcs

Genre: Slice of Life

Premiere: April 11

Quick Pitch: Rokuhoudou is a popular Japanese tea house with four dedicated workers: Sui brews tea, Gure draws latte art, Tsubaki makes sweets, and Tokitaka cooks. These men happily serve their guests and help them with any personal problems.



Studio: Studio DEEN

Genre: Sports

Premiere: April 6

Quick Pitch: Natsunosuke is a relief pitcher for a pro team called the Spiders. He’s been pitching for 8 years and is the highest paid player in the league, due to salaries being determined by performance. In an attempt to remain the best, Natsunosuke is always willing to challenge opponents and knock them down a peg.


3D Kanojo: Real Girl

Studio: Hoods Entertainment

Genre: Comedy / Romance

Premiere: April 4

Quick Pitch: Hikari is an anime and gaming otaku who has sworn his soul to the 2D realm. However, a bizarre incident leads him to Iroha, a real girl who actually approaches him. The two start dating and Hikari gets his first taste of real love.


Which seinen or josei anime do you plan on watching?

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