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The PlayStation Anthology – A new hardback book celebrating the 1994 classic PS1 console

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  • Growing up in the 90's was an unforgettable experience as it was the era that ushered in a new wave of gaming, and many of us got to see it all unfold right before our very eyes. This was the era when Nintendo and Sega were dominant and continuously churned out hit after hit, console after console and managed to successfully capture a global audience with their remarkable content. Then in 1994 Sony made its way into the console world with its PlayStation and since then, the gaming world continued to evolve even more.
  • The PlayStation introduced us to the likes of Gran Turismo and Silent Hill, while the stunning 3D graphics took Metal Gear, Resident Evil and Final Fantasy into a whole new dimension. The folks at FunStock Retro want to celebrate this outstanding achievement by releasing The PlayStation Anthology, a new hardbook that celebrates the birth of Sony's now iconic console and its many perks.
  • To see some sneak peek photos of what to expect from the hardbook, be sure to scroll down below!

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Circle / Square / Triangle / Cross

Even the most capable consoles could be flawed by a poor joypad, but this was never an issue for Sony. A regular on lists of the most definitive controllers of all time - find out exactly how the PlayStation controller came to be. From the SNES-inspired beginnings to the dual-analogue concept that remains the industry standard to this day.


  • A full history of the machine itself - from development to retirement.
  • The definitive games collection - including the best of the special editions
  • 26 exclusive Interviews with those who shaped the console's success
  • Enemy Retaliation - the challengers to the PS1's crown
  • An insight into the "Sony Miracle" and the history of the company

  • [balloon_speech align="left" text="Having been born in the 80's and seeing how Sony's console career kicked off means so much to me. So grateful for all of this!" image="honey-happy4"] [balloon_speech align="right" text="Not too many people can really come to appreciate what Sony has done, perhaps because they weren't around during the time. This book will help them understand in many ways!" image="bombon-happy2"]

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