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Undisputed Street Fighter – The Ultimate Street Fighter Art Book!

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  • Street Fighter is hands down the most iconic fighting game franchise there is, and will go down as the undisputed champ of the scene. It has opened doors for so many other companies to take part in building the fighting game community, and has ushered in a new generation of talent that we now see perform at high levels on the main stage.
  • Well now it's time to take a trip through history with Undisputed Street Fighter, a hardcover book that takes you on a journey through the entire Street Fighter world. From original concept drawings and graphics to the iconic characters and their evolution right up to modern day.
  • In amongst the visuals you'll find exclusive in-depth interviews and the inside story from behind the scenes of making of Street Fighter games. So don't skip through the details! The book is available for £34.99/$48.99.

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