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YumeNikki -Dream Diary- Release Date Revealed!

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  • AGM Playism has revealed their new Yume Nikki project, titled YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY-, which is slated to be released on February 23rd 2018.
  • RPG Maker darling YUME NIKKI was a divisively controversial work among fans. By contrast, YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY- is a collaborative show of the utmost respect for auteur Kikiyama’s seminal release. The RPG Maker team at Kadokawa has paired up with Active Gaming Media’s development team of ardent YUME NIKKI fans to bring you this modern indie title in the form of YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY-. This diverging follow-up combines influences from the original game and other recent indie juggernauts to create something wholly unique.
  • YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY- will be available in a variety of languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified), Korean and Japanese.

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[balloon_speech align="left" text="Interesting, I've never played this series at all. I wonder how the gameplay is like.." image="honey-thinking"] [balloon_speech align="right" text="Looks very dark and mysterious, kind of like a psychological type game." image="bee-jerk"]

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