edith gonzalez dies at 54

Edith González, a Mexican soap opera star, has passed after three years of fighting ovarian cancer on Thursday. She was 54.

González was employed by the Spanish-language television networks TelevisaTelemundo, and TV Azteca. It was while working for Televisa that she played some of the most important roles in Mexican telenovelas. 

González’s telenovela credits include “Las Bravo,” “Corazón Salvaje,” “Mujer de Madera,” “Doña Barbara,” “Palabra de Mujer,” and “Eva la Trailera.”

She showed a wide range of acting ability with intriguing roles in shows such as Mujeres asesinas (Killer Women in English), a Mexican drama and psychological thriller television series produced by Pedro Torres. The series is an adaptation of the Argentine series of the exact same name.

Her death was confirmed by The National Association of Actors Thursday June 13th in the morning.

González was born in 1964 Monterrey, Mexico. She began her acting career as a child actor in the 1970s.

González announced her diagnosis in 2016 with an Instagram post of her lying in a hospital bed.

After her 2016 cancer diagnosis, she regularly spoke out about her cancer. In the midst of cancer treatments, she appeared on the cover of Hola! magazine in 2017 with husband Lorenazo Lazo. González said in the article on her cancer, “I am not a warrior, I am a lover of life.”

She is survived by her husband Lorenzo and daughter Constanza.

González’s official Instagram posted a picture of the actress and her daughter on Thursday. The photo of Gonzalez and her daughter posted to her Instagram on Thursday received more than 15,000 comments from celebrity friends and fans.

People have spoken out on social media platforms such as Twitter to express their grief as well:

People expressing their grief on Twitter regarding her passing.