rob kardashian with blac chyna

Either Rob Kardashian feels uncomfortable exploiting his daughter for profit on reality TV or just does not want it to happen on Blac Chyna’s show.

Rob Kardashian‘s slamming the brakes on his 2-year-old daughter becoming a huge reality TV star or he’s simply ensuring it doesn’t happen on Blac Chyna‘s new reality show.

Marty Singer, Rob’s fierce attorney, fired off a threatening letter (which can be viewed in full here) to Chyna, telling her their daughter, 2-year-old Dream, is not allowed to appear on her show, “The Real Blac Chyna.” He states it cannot happen without Rob’s consent and he will certainly not give consent.

tter sent from marty singer to blac chyna regarding dream appearing in the real blac chyna show

It has been reported that Rob and Chyna share joint custody, and Singer says there’s no way Dream’s mother can turn a TV camera on Dream without Rob being on board.

In the terms of the letter that was sent, it is stated Chyna sent Rob an appearance release form for their child Dream to participate in the series, and he’s not gonna sign.

Our sources have informed us Rob has numerous reasons for not granting consent. There have been a multitude of incidents that have occurred in Chyna’s life. She got into a heated altercation with her former hairdresser while Dream was right next to her in the house. In another instance, she physically pushed her mom and berated her in front of the child. Our sources say Rob feels her life is way too turbulent, Chyna is unhinged, and a reality show would just worsen the situation. In fact, our sources have told us that Rob is pursuing getting 100 percent custody due to alleged mental illness and Chyna emotionally damaging the child.

At the end of the letter there is a clear threat to the network that would air the show, “If The Zeus Network proceeds with releasing any episodes of the Series or related materials containing Dream’s likeness, it will be acting at its own peril and exposing itself to significant liability.”

 blac chyna is shown in the picture. she is allegedly unhinged.