While many fans of the television show Big Brother have been divided purely over the design of the home for the 21st season, fans have another reason to be divided: a Donald Trump supporter designed it.

Some people in LGBTQ community support Trump

Scott Storey, who is openly gay, voted for Trump, sources tell us who work on Big Brother, but is too scared to tell others in Hollywood because it would ostracize him.

Our source who is an assistant on Big Brother states, “I often hear him arguing with his husband on set about immigration policy. Scott is strongly against protecting the border, but his husband wants an open border policy. It’s causing a rift in their marriage. Scott plans on voting for Trump again in 2020. He loves him.”

The assistant had more to say about Scott’s enthusiasm for Donald Trump. “When I go to his trailer, I sometimes hear him on the phone talking about Trump Resorts. It sounds like he is soliciting work for Trump properties.”

When pressed about his other political opinions, the assistant said he overheard Scott Storey chatting with a showrunner about how he supports pro-life efforts. Storey offered praise for the abortion laws proposed in states such as Georgia.

For the article, we surveyed our email list to ask if the fact that an adamant Donald Trump supporter would affect if they wanted Big Brother or not. Among those who identify as Democrats, 92% said they would no longer watch the show. 96% of those who identify as Republican said they would continue to watch. 5% of those who don’t identify with a political party said they would continue to watch the show.

In particular, we received many responses where people wondered how Storey, a gay man, could support Trump, since he has not been a supporter of LGBTQ+ rights. Other notable gays who support Trump include billionaire entrepreneur and venture capitalist Peter Thiel.

The latest home designed by Scott Storey has a camp theme.