beth chapman did heroin

When Dog the Bounty Hunter announced Wednesday that his wife of 12 years had died after her battle with cancer, he failed to mention that she was also habitually using heroin. A toxicology report performed in Colorado revealed the findings this morning.

“Based on the analysis done at the lab, we found strong levels of heroin which are consistent with the track marks found on Chapman’s body, which are indicative of a person injecting drugs into their arm,” Dr. Hall told a relative of the family we spoke to. “A toxicology report is the result of the lab procedures identifying and quantifying potential toxins, which include prescription medications and drugs of abuse and interpretations of the findings, so it is common for us to discover drug use in celebrities.”

While many are surprised about Beth’s heroin use, to Dog the Bounty Hunter he is just surprised others didn’t know.

Around 1992 Beth dated Dog the Bounty Hunter’s high school best friend Keith Barmore, something that Duane wasn’t happy about. He says, “Keith was no better as an adult than he was as a punk kid. He was a lying two-bit thief with a heroin addiction. He would drink beer just to even out from the drugs,” he wrote in his memoir. “It just about broke my heart when I heard Beth was dating him. When I heard they got married, I got physically sick. There couldn’t have been two people in the world who were worse together than Beth and Keith.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter continues, “She was high all the time. On the show, off the show. Most people who worked on the show knew, but I don’t think many fans did.”

Once Beth started using heroin frequently with Keith Barmore, she was in and out of rehab more often than not, another family member tells us. “Beth was so high all the time that she frequently would start falling asleep while driving. She couldn’t keep her eyes open. I remember driving with her one time on highway H-201, you know, in O’ahu, and I look over and her eyes are closed! The car was headed right for one of the walls on the side of the road, but I spun the wheel quickly to avoid it. Thank God.”